Janho Quarry and Crushing, and the 56 hectares of land on the outskirts of Mogale City on which the quarry operated, was purchased by Nico Louw, Managing Director of the Renico Group, in 2007 and is now a division of Renico Industrial Holdings (Pty) Ltd. For the first four years the company continued to quarry for sand on the site, which, along with other products generated or created, Janho sold to local outlets and consumers. Complimenting this operation, Janho also manufactured cement bricks and in so doing offered employment to a number of local people struggling to find work.

By 2011 the sand bed was depleted and the rock layer below exposed. Thoughts of mining the rock and producing G5 aggregate had to be abandoned due to the quarry’s close proximity to a chicken farm, which would have been very adversely affected by any blasting operations. The company turned its attention to filling the area in which quarrying had taken place and restoring the site to its original state while continuing to produce cement bricks.

A licence for a landfill site was obtained, restricted to the receipt of building rubble. In the five years Janho has operated the landfill, it has proved to be well received and utilised by local waste disposal and construction companies.


Now that the mining operations in the quarry have been discontinued, certain areas within the property have been leased to Sandbags cc, a company bagging and selling various forms of sand and building mixes, and The Grass Factory, which has a compost making plant on site.